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Earlier in 2020, after the Covid 19 Pandemic hit, My Heritage website offered free access to their black and white to color software. I was skeptical at first but the results were amazing.  It became apparent that this was a long awaited chance to colorize the many black and white photos Mom and Dad gave me for safekeeping. 

Dorothy Herrmann Kirchgraber, fall of 1932 Photo taken at her first flat on Benzinger Street Eichenger’s were the landlords Girl unknown



Dick Kirchgraber and Joan VanTassel, 1037 Lovejoy



Ed and Mary Lou Culliton taken at 1037 Lovejoy


Kirchgraber family, 1037 Lovejoy 1949 Bob, Lou, Dick Freddy and Diane


Norm and his daughters circa 1954


The entire clan, Easter 1953


Lake Worth Florida circa 1944




I believe this was taken in Sprucedale Ontario 1940’s


Dad and children Ontario Canada 1944 Lou, Diane, Bob and Dick


Bob, Mary Lou and Diane                       Unsure of location


Fred, Lake Worth 1949 or early 1950


Fred Kirchgraber, Lake Worth circa 1950


Dick, Fred, Diane Dad and Mom



Freddy 1037 Lovejoy 1951


Henry McMahon and Dorthy Kirchgraber
Freddy, Lake Worth Florida
Dorothy Herrmann Hennepin St home Note rosary in her hands
Dad loading oats , Birdsall NY 1945


Bill McMahon, Mary Lou, Diane Dick and Dad 1945, Birdsall NY


SoSo, Bobby and Aunt Celia 1942


Dick with Doc who unfortunately had a fatal run in with a neighborhood Rottweiler
New York State Court of Appeals Bob, Dick and Mary Lou Kirchgraber joined their father Norman Kirchgraber for the reading of the Judge’s decision on the Antonelli Fireworks Trial< US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit – 155 F.2d 631 (2d Cir. 1946) May 2, 1946 May 2, 1946
Dad’s first Chevy, 1929
Bessie, Fred and Dorothy 1932 Midway State Park, located in Maple Springs, New York near Bemus Point
230 Benzinger St 1935 summer R to L Bridget Conway Dundon, Julia Herrmann
Bess and Fred Kirchgraber
Fred Kirchgraber and spouse Lizzy at 1037 Lovejoy back yard
Party at 1037
Jim McMahon and Norm Kirchgraber Fall of 1966 Birdsall NY Harvesting oat crop
Diane and Mary Lou Maple Leaf Lodge, Ontario 1945
Bob Kirchgraber and Joan VanTassel Back yard, 1037 Lovejoy
Birthday party at 1037
Lizzie and Fred Kirchgraber Lake Worth, Circa 1935
Dick, Mary Lou and Bob Kirchgraber Winter 1941
Bridget Dundon and Dick Kirchgraber Summer 1935 230 Benzinger St
Dorothy Kirchgraber August 1932 HMS Aquitania
Bob, Dorothy, Mary Lou, Grace Finger and Diane winter 1948 Lake Worth, Florida
Dorothy Herrmann, Willena Henry and Ruth Phillips
DeRonde VanTassel
Norm Kirchgraber and Dorothy Herrmann
Dorothy Herrmann Crystal Beach, Ontario
Mary Lou with Freddy, spring of 1948
Bud Phillips with youngest daughter at 1037 Lovejoy
Easter Sunday 1952
Dad with his girls, likely 1954
Bob, Lou and Dick, Freddy and Diane front row 1949
the whole gang Bob, Lou, Dick Jack Jean and Fred
Dick at Elsie’s in Sprucedale Ontario August 1945
Bob at 1037
Mom and Dad, 1037 Lovejoy
Bridget Dundon likely 1932 at 230 Benzinger St
McMahon’s Farm, Birdsall NY
Ed Culliton working digging a grave for a draft horse at McMahon’s Farm
Mary Lou, Tom and Jack July 1961
White 1967 Malibu that crashed into 1037
Mom and Dad with Mary Eileen Tom and Mike July 1961 All the family was in town for Grandma Kirchgraber’s funeral
Mom on left, Al Kirchgraber with hands on his knees
Fred, Jean and Jack 1953
Dick, Bob and Dad. Jack and Fred in front row
Mary Lou at her graduation from Mt St Joseph Academy
My maternal grandfather William Herrmann at his slaughter house on Newell St
Jerry Conway’s home as viewed from the Portageville bridge December 24, 1917. Jerry was one of Bridget Dundon’s brothers


Fall of 1966, McMahon farm. Birdsall NY to the left of the barn is a McCormack thresher
McCormick Deering Thresher, 1920’s vintage. This photo was taken in the fall of 1966 where we helped bring in the oat harvest on McMahon Farm, Birdsall NY
Ruth Phillips Schultz wedding front center Norm Kirchgraber, rear center Al Kirchgraber, Right Bud Phillips
Diane, Rick and Dick Smith
Fred Kirchgraber Lake Worth Florida
Dad center, Al Kirchgraber behind him, Bud Phillips on right



Aunt Elsie’s Farm, Sprucedale Ontario 1920’s Eloise Herrmann on far right, others unknown
Mary Eileen, Jean, Jack, Paul and Dick Kirchgraber Fort Sheridan, Illinois
Maude Reichlmayr with collie
Norm Kirchgraber Summer 1908
Christmas 1954
Frank and Mary Herrmann
Norm Kirchgraber Pine Camp, 1929
Dorothy Herrmann and Julia Herrmann Sprucedale, Ontario
Norm Kirchgraber Pine Camp NY 1929
Twins first day of school, first grade Bob’s first day of college, September 1956
First Communion, Jack and Jean Jack third from left top row, Jean center first row Mount Saint Joseph Elementary school. May 1956
Christmas 1954, family dinner. Dad always had a bottle of Taylor’s Sherry Wine and Mom put out small bowls with fruit salad. My paternal grandmother on right next to brother Dick. Left to right Fred, Dad, Mom, Diane, Bob, Jack Mary Lou and Jean
backyard at 1037 Lovejoy Street. Dad, Mom, Mary Lou Bob and Dick. Late Summer of 1938
My Dad’s brother Al Kirchgraber and Dad with my grandfather Fred and Grandpa’s Nieces 1948
The whole gang, 1037 Lovejoy, date unknown
Dick, Dad and Mary Lou 1937
Diane and Fred, 1948