230 Benzinger

I found quite a few photos taken at 230 Benzinger Street, Grandma Lizzie & Grandpa Fred Kirchgraber’s homestead, so I have created this page to exhibit them. Enjoy!

Julia Manhart Herrmann and Bridget Conway Dundon

Julia Manhart Herrmann, my maternal grandmother, with Bridget Conway Dundon, my paternal great grandmother. This is the only known photo of the two of them together, and the best picture I have of both.

Bridget Dundon, Elizabeth Kirchgraber Norm Kirchgraber and Dick Kirchgraber

Four generations at 230 Benzinger.

It appears this and the top photo were shot on the same day


Miriam Schroeder with bow, Dick Kirchgraber with Annette Reichlmayr and Bill Schroeder Woman and child on left unidentified

This photo is the overall shot from which the first picture on this page was cropped from.

I recognize Billy Schroeder (far right, next to Grandma Herrmann) as well as his sister Miriam, third from left. Annette Reichlmayr is next to Billy holding Dick Kirchgraber.


Great grandma Dundon and Dick

ca. 1934

This photo and the ones above were all taken on the same day


Bridget Dundon ca. 1935
Bridget Dundon Original black & white

Bridget Dundon


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