Family and events at 1037

Over the years, we had many gatherings of family at 1037 Lovejoy.

First Communions, graduations, new grandchildren and just plain old get togethers.

Below are some of my favorite photos.


1037 Lovejoy in winter

1037 in its prime


Mom and Dick with babysitter

Dorothy & Dick near the Greene Street side porch.

This Trellis was not there anymore when I was a boy in the 1950’s


Dick and Bob or Lou

Dick, Lou & Doc

Fall, 1936


Mary Lou and a Mickey toy

Mary Lou and Mickey Mouse, 1937

Maybe she still has Mickey?


Disney pull toy

Above is the push toy shown in the picture of Lou.

Mickey Mouse Band Push Toy

$1,500 on E-bay!!


Lou and Dick

Lou and Dick

Spring, 1938


Another view of the trellis, with

Lou, Norm, Bob and Dick, 1938


Christmas, 1940


Bob, Lou, Dick & Norm

Spring, 1941- Dick’s First Communion?


Joan Van Tassel, Dick, Bob, Betty Marie, Mary Lou


Mary Lou and Fred



Dick with Soso and pups

1943-note Ford in garage- Diane in buggy


Summer, 1950

Norm & the Twins


Grandma K with Jean, grandpa K with Jack


Fred & Lizzie


Easter, 1952


after seeing this photo Fred remarked:

I was always such a clothes horse!


Jack & Jean, Lake Worth 1956


Diane- ca. 1943

Note 1939 Packard 120 Sedan

in background


Diane-first communion


Jack & Jean in the kitchen

(looks like Jack is already out of the closet)


Jean licks the beaters

Note Jack puzzled by Jean’s question” do they have your name on them honey?”

Jack after an earlier attempt to take the beaters away from Jean

Not sure what happened here, but it looks like Jean is the winner



Jean & Jack in the sandbox.

upon seeing this photo, Uncle Fred remarked that Jean was outside of the box because she knew the cat used it as a litterbox!


Ed, Lou Tom and Mike July 1961

Eb & Tom, Lou & Mike


Eileen, Dick & Mary Eileen

July 1961


Judy & Bob


Norm, Mary Eileen & Tom- Dorothy & Mike


Labor Day 1966

Back row Paul, Tom, Mike & Bobby

Center-Susan, Mary, Kate & Peter

Front-Mark & Brian


Bob & Judy

Susan, Mark & Bobby


Eileen & Dick

Katie, Paul, Mary & Peter

(Note Uncle Ebbie in back giving the “raspberries”)


Ed snoozing out at the annual Labor Day Picnic



Who can forget the summer when a 1966 Malibu did a 180 and wound up on our side lawn?

yes, indeed she almost wound up in the basement!


Dad used to do lawn work in his old clothes.

When solicitors came calling, he said “I’m just the gardener”


Dad showing Fred and Jack how to trim the hedge!


Fred & buddy Al in their James Dean phase


Jack & his buddy Al-Deja-Vu


Christmas 1966

Carving the bird!


Dorothy and the gang

Tom has already learned about “see food” from Aunt Jean


Michael in an early day “Saturday Night Fever” pose.

The rest of the nephews & nieces below


Lou, Tom & Jack

(Must be a Sunday as I am wearing my good pants with the broken zipper)


How do I explain this one?

He wasn’t quite family, but everyone knew “Uncle” Joe from next door



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