Normisms (sayings from Grandpa Norm)


All the world art queer, but thou and me, and thou art a little queer.
Believe you me.
Better the devil you know than the one you don’t know.
Buckamaroo from Timbuktu.
Cabin fever
Come and get it or I’ll throw it to the pigs.
Crouper bone.
Cut your goods according to your cloth.
Dinner is served, for three men and a boy.
Dorothy, please!
Fish and company stink after three days.
Fourth of July, Labor Day, and back to school.
Get some lumber from under the porch and fix that thing.
Go ahead, you’ll do as you gosh darn please anyway!
Go on outside and blow the stink off you.
Grobe pudding.
He doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

He’s a shypoke.

He’s a weak sister.

He was born on the wrong side of the sheets (Illegitimate)
Holy cripes, Peter and Paul and all the Saints.
Horseshit, Dorothy.
How you doing, Bucko?
How’s my little Ducky-uckums.
I never interfere with my children’s lives.
If you don’t know, I cant tell you.
If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.
I’m a Gilly Galoo Bird (need to drink when I eat)
I’m going to see a man about a horse(when going to a wake)

I’m going upstairs and watch fatty run up the hill
Is this it, Dorothy? (after dinner when he was looking for dessert)
It will stick to your ribs.
It’s a wise man who knows his father.
I’ve never seen a better bunch to cut a throat or scuttle a ship.
Kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, kids, kids…
May the Lord increase your store, and put it in your heart to bring us more.
Mother and I are going to take a walk out to the line.
Never argue with clerk’s law.
None the worse for wear and tear.
Now the backbone of the Summer has been broken!
Possible bag
Remember Dutch eggs?
Remember Harry’s freezer?
Remember Stanley’s Rump?
Satchel ass.
She has a white liver (outlived three husbands)
She was like a bitch bear with a sore tit nursing a cub.
She was on a tanteevee.
She was only mad at his face.
Sweat it out your ribs.
Temperature stick.
That animal is the result of mortal sin.
That’s the bunk!
That’s the hole the rat came out of
That’s the man with the brains in his belly.
The bear dance.
The only time you get in trouble is when you do someone a favor.
The ways of the transgressor are hard.
There were mosquitoes as big as circus ponies.
There’s a hen on.(you’re too noisy)
These are dog days.
They keep it up, and keep it up and keep it up….
They stayed around until the last dog was hung.
They tossed him in the Hoosegow.
This is a revolting turn of events.
Veranda beach.
What did you do with your summer’s wages ?
Whenever someone asks for a volunteer, sit on your hands.
Wing wang for a hickey, that irritates the giggling bell on the fenobjocker.
With the help of God.
Worry worry worry, trouble trouble trouble.
You are a cabin hunter
You are a gentleman and a scholar and a good judge of old rock and rye.
You are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.
You could fall in love with a —— under that moon.
You got the side of the cow that rubbed up against the fence.
You keep on pushing.
You took a nickin’.
You’d as soon jump over her as walk around her.
Your room smells like a Hi-Ho’s nest. (Epitome of all smells)
You’re full of wackmoo and mini-manure.
You’re full of wee whistles and wackmoo.
You’ve got a case of the creeping crud.
You’ve had enough fun for today.
This place looks like a Chinese Joss House


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